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Letter to Theresa May MP

Author // Claire Pearson Categories // Letters

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Dear Theresa May,

I write with regard to the Paul Michael Pearson case. Seven-year-old Paul Michael Pearson was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered by Richard Blenkey in August 1991. Richard Blenkey was charged with murder and was given a life imprisonment sentence; serving a minimum sentence of twenty years. In March 2010, Richard Blenkey applied for open prison status.

August 2010 signalled the commencement of both the Paper Parole Hearing for Richard Blenkey and the assessment of whether or not Mr Blenkey was considered fit for transfer to an open (Category D) prison. At this current moment in time Richard Blenkey is not fit to be moved to an open prison and thus his request to be transferred had been declined.

During Richard Blenkey’s application for open prison status, we (the Pearson family) discovered that he is not obliged to sign the sex offenders register as the Crown Prosecution Service did not proceed with any charges related to the evidence linked to Mr Blenkey’s sex crimes upon Paul.  Furthermore, the Home Office have acknowledged that those sex offenders who were not on licence at the time the register was enforced in 1997 are not obliged to sign the register. Only the police protection units have the authority to make an application to force an offender sentenced prior 1997 to sign the register if they consider the offender has a long history of sexual offences.

As a family, we are campaigning to ensure Richard Blenkey signs the sex offenders register and for him to stay behind bars for the rest of his life; to ensure Paul receives all the justice he deserves and to ensure everybody’s children are protected from his murderer.

Alongside this, the other main focus of our campaign is to ensure that all convicted paedophiles found guilty of murder should be required to sign the Sex Offender’s register for life, and this should be retrospective.

As a family we want the Crown Prosecution Service to convict the offender in child murder cases for all the crimes committed. With all offences acknowledged the victims receive all the justice they deserve. Furthermore if the offenders are ever released, the full extent of all real dangers they actually pose to the general public - can be properly and officially recognised and managed. 

As I have previously highlighted Richard Blenkey was not charged with any of the sex crimes he inflicted upon Paul.  Whilst there is no clear DNA evidence that connects Paul Pearson and Richard Blenkey, I strongly believe that the circumstantial evidence confirms that there was a sexual motive for Paul’s murder. I consider that even in the event that there is no DNA evidence to corroborate a sexual assault that does not mean that sex was not the motive for the murder. I hope the points I put forward to you will clearly show that there was sexual motive to the murder and these go a long way to prove that beyond reasonable doubt.

The Home Office Pathologist makes reference in his statement that rigor had become established before Paul's body was deposited where it was found' the clear inference from the evidence is that Paul was murdered inside Richard Blenkey’s chicken shed.

At some stage he was undressed, we know this because his underpants were found in the shed, his tracksuit bottoms were put back on inside out and back to front. If there was no sexual element to the murder then why was Paul found in a state of undress? If the motive was murder, why would an adult male undress a seven year old boy? In addition, Paul’s socks were also found burnt on a fire on Mr Blenkey’s allotment; his trainers were never found.

Seminal staining which could have been shed by Richard Blenkey is present on the blanket in the chicken shed on the allotment belonging to Blenkey. The following factors strongly suggest that Paul had been lying in the chicken shed or hen enclosure and was then carried out from there to where his body was found. Straw of the type present in the shed of Richard Blenkey’s was present under Paul's body. Fragments of straw were also found over his body and in folds of his clothing. Staining with the smell and appearance of chicken manure is present on the tracksuit bottoms. Feathers recovered from the T-shirt, right shoulder blade, stomach region and neck taping of Paul could have all originated from hens on the allotment of Richard Blenkey. Paper which appeared to be torn from a poultry feed sack such as those present on the allotment of Richard Blenkey was also present under Paul's body. Paul’s underpants were also found in the chicken shed.

In addition, further evidence collected from the coroner’s report clearly indicates that Paul was sexually assaulted by Richard Blenkey. Evidence shows that there was swelling around the anal passage and the report confirms that Paul was killed by strangulation.

With reference to the court transcript the judge highlights that Blenkey had committed 'a most appalling murder' and that Paul had suffered 'a terrifying experience' as he was strangled for ‘sexual gratification’.  In addition, Barrie Stewart, for the defence, said a prolonged psychiatric examination had found Blenkey's mentality to be almost sub-normal, making reference to dealing with ‘a pathetic, very immature young man of limited intelligence,'

Historically, Blenkey was well-known for befriending children in the local area and had a previous court appearance for abducting a seven year old boy. Courageously, since we launched our campaign to ensure Richard Blenkey and other convicted paedophiles who murder should be included on the sex offenders register for life, individuals have forwarded historic complaints against Mr Blenkey. This new information has revived police interest and the recent allegations are currently being investigated.

It is to my knowledge that the parole board should never release an offender who still poses such a high risk to public safety. Blenkey is an unrepentant child murderer who still blames convenient ‘mental health’ issues for his criminal actions; this makes him a high risk to public society. He has never properly acknowledged his paedophilic crimes, and as we know he is willing to murder his child victims to hide his paedophilia; again this makes him a high risk to public safety.

It is apparent from the circumstantial evidence I have put forward to you that the offender has a disturbingly morbid interest in young boys and that there was a definite sexual motive for Paul’s murder.  

Having personally experienced the pain and suffering needlessly inflicted upon our family by Mr Blenkey, it is imperative that the government examines the current law to ensure that all paedophiles found guilty of the murder of children have all criminal aspects fully acknowledged to ensure the safety of children in society. I hope you are able to assist with my families’ plight to ensure Richard Blenkey stays behind bars for the rest of his life and for this change in the law.

Richard Blenkey is eligible for parole in August 2011.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Claire Pearson


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Claire Pearson

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  • Lola Smith
    Lola Smith
    04 March 2011 at 17:53 |

    I'm with you all the way and you will get justice paul.
    That evil monster will rot in hell..

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